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Through our correspondent and other lending relationships, Prairie Realty Advisors, Inc. can provide acquisition, construction, permanent, and bridge financing on a wide range of loans and services on most types of income producing properties such as:

· Office Buildings

· Shopping Centers and Retail Properties

· Industrial Buildings

· Multi-Family Properties

·Single Tenant Properties

· Medical Office Buildings

· Credit Leased Facilities

· Health Care Facilities

· Business Parks

· Mobile Home Parks

· Land Sale Leasebacks

· Institutional Sales

· IRB and Tax Exempt Financing

· Mezzanine/Bridge Loans

· Specialty Properties

·Third-Party and Institutional Equity

·Seed & Venture RE CapX

· Senior Living (Independent and Assisted)
· Historic Tax Credit Financing

· Student Housing

· Discounted Note Funding

· Development Advisory

Furthermore, the typical loan terms with which we excel are listed below. Please keep in mind that property values fluctuate with the market. Call us if you would like to know more exact estimates to facilitate a loan proposal.

Loan Amount: $2 Million and up
Loan Fees: 1% of loan amount

Interest Rates: Typically fixed at 60-350 basis points over the corresponding US Treasury Bond Rates or floating over Libor

Term: 3-25 years
Amortization: 10 30 years
Debt Coverage: 1.10 to 1.30
Max Loan-to-Value: Apartments Up to 85%
Office Up to 80%
Industrial Up to 80%
Retail Up to 80%
Credit Leases Up to 100%

In order to provide a quick response to your financing needs, the following is a list of items which will enable us to evaluate the property

  • Current Rent Roll
  • Borrower Information
  • Brief Description of the Property
  • Operating History - last 3 years
  • Year-to-Date Income and Expense
  • Property Photos
  • Aerial (if available)
  • Any and all professional reports including Appraisal, Phase 1 Environmental Assessment and Title Reports